Mlica Dukić (1989, Kraljevo, Serbia)

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in painting and a master’s degree in drawing. In 2014, she became a member of SULUV (The Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina), as well as the member of the Šok Zadruga collective (ex Art klinika). She was occasionally volunteer in the Milan Petrovic, school’s work center for people with special needs. She has had 11 solo exibitions and she has participated in more than 60 group projects. She is trying to learn new foreign languages – German and French. Now, she is in Switzerland, as an Artist-in-Residence program at the Ecole d’Humanité.


-Master studies at The Department of Arts, Drawing Study group at the Academy of fine Arts in Novi Sad, the class of professor Olivera Maric Nedić, 2014-2016. Thesis’ title : Of Things

-Master studies at The Department of Arts, Painting Study group at the Academy of fine Arts in Novi Sad, the class of professor Goran Despotovski, 2013-2014. Thesis’ title: Reverse – Of people

-Graduate Studies, The Department of Arts, Painting study group, The Academy of fine Arts in Novi Sad, the class of professor Bosiljka Zirojević-Lečić, 2008- 2013.

-Graduate school of arts, technician for restoration and conservation, Kraljevo, 2004-2008.


Residence program:

17/08/2017 – 30/06/2018

Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldernm Switzerland (Support by SCI and VCV organizations through EVS program (European Voluntary Service) .


Solo Exhibitions:


”Photography as result of mistake“,


”Of things“, SULUV gallery, Novi Sad

”Reverse – of people“, City Gallery, Pozega

”Movie picture and reality“, Cafe Gallery Izba, Novi Sad


”Reverse“ / “Les envers“ The French Institute in Serbia, Novi Sad

”Reverse – of people“, Sok Zadruga gallery, MMC “Led Art”, Novi Sad

”Pain it black“, SKC (Student Cultural Center) “Fabrika”, Novi Sad


During university years“, Cultural Center “Ribarnica”, Kraljevo

15th Art market“, The House of King Peter I, Belgrade

”Works“,  Macut Gallery, Novi Sad


”Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures“, Cultural Centre “Ribnica”, Kraljevo


Group Exhibitions:


XII Biennal of watercolors, Contemproary gallery Zrenjanin

“8th annual youth exhibition”, Cultural Centre “Ribnica”, Kraljevo

“Acquisitions”, Art gallery, Krusevac”30 x 30″, Srem museum, Sremska Mitrovica

“30 x 30”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Cultural Center Pancevo

“30 x 30”, “Art Center” gallery, Belgrade 2016

“30 x 30”, Cultural Centar, Zrenjanin

“Recognition 3″, ” Nikola I” gallery, Niksic, Montenegro

“Masters 2015/2016” Student Cultural Center “Fabrika”,

Novi Sad”Recognition 3″, City Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

“Supplementary drawing classes”. “SLU” gallery, Pavilion in the Fortress, Nis

“Our youth”, Gallery of the national library, Kragujevac

“Inheritance reflection”, Cultural Center “Ribarnica”, Kraljevo”Recognition 3″,

Art Gallery “Nadezda Petrovic”, Cacak

“Recognition 3”, National museum, Kraljevo

“Recognition3”, Art Gallery, Krusevac


“Recognition 3”, “SLU” Gallery, Pavilion in the Fortress, Nis

“Art department AUNS”, Student Cultural Centre “Fabrika”, Novi Sad

“Differences”, Student Cultural Centre “Fabrika”, Novi Sad

“From close, from afar 1914-1918, ”Macura” Museum, Novi Banovci

” Spring. Art and society”, XIX Spring Annals, The Fine Arts Salon of The Cultural Centre in Čačak

“I know my limits. That’s why I go on.” The French Institute, Novi Sad

” Commendation”, participation at the auction ,”From zero”, at Cultural Centre, ”Grad”



“Evil doesn’t sleep”, ”Šok Zadruga” Gallery, MMC “Led Art”, Novi Sad

“Masters”, Students Cultural Centre ,”Fabrika”, Novi Sad

“November salon”, City Gallery, Kraljevo,

”63th Annual Exhibition of SULUV Members”, The Memorial Gallery of Fine Arts Collection Rajko Mamuzić,  Novi Sad

“The Exhibition of New Members”, SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad


The Big New Year Art Sales”, “Šok Zadruga” Gallery, MMC “Led Art”, Novi Sad

“Envisage”, “Oko” Gallery, Novi Sad;

“Bears – in honor of spring”, Cultural Centre ,”Parabrod”, Belgrade;

“30 x 30”, Cultural Centre, Zrenjanin;

Project “Differences”, Student Cultural Centre “Fabrika”, Novi Sad;

“Night of the Museums – a homage to Francophone artists”,  The French Institute in Serbia”, Novi Sad;

” Palette of youth”, Cultural Centre, Vrbas;

“The mirror of discrimination” Artists’ Corner, Kragujevac;

“Portrait”, Cultural Centre “Evergreen”, Kraljevo;

“The poetics of discovered materials, “Macut”  Gallery, Novi Sad;

“My place my people”, “ Artget” Gallery, Belgrade;

“Perspectives 11”, Srem Museum,  Sremska Mitrovica;


“Perspectives 22”. ”Art klinika” Gallery, MMC “Led Art” Novi Sad;

“Life is beautiful”, ”Principij” Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia;

“The Exhibition of Graduates of The Department of Fine Arts”, Matica Srpska Gallery, Novi Sad;

“The Annual Youth Exhibition 3″, Cultural Centre “Ribnica”, Kraljevo;

,,Art Base Festival”, The House of King Peter I, Belgrade;

Drawings created during the third year of studies, the passage of “Evergreen”  Gallery,  Kraljevo;


“Of people”, International festival of photography “Organ Vida”, Zagreb, Croatia;

“Poetics of boarders”, Student Cultural Center “Fabrika”, Novi Sad;

The Exhibition of Works of The Third Year Students of Painting Study Group,  The Academy of Arts, Petrovaradin, Novi Sad;

“30 by 30”, Cultural Centre, Zrenjanin;


The Exhibition of Photographs of Students of Fine Arts Department of the Academy of Arts,

FKVSV, Novi Sad;


“The First Club Exhibition of FKKK”, “Maržik” Gallery, Kraljevo;

The Exhibition of Exam Works of Students of Fine Arts Department of the Academy of Arts, Pavle Beljanski Gallery, Novi Sad;

,,Feniks Festival”, Youth Centre Valjevo;

“30 sec in former Yugoslavia”, Festival of short electronic form (KEF), Belgrade;

“Hidden areas of eroticism”, “Art Klinika” Gallery, MMC “Led Art”, Novi Sad;

“Izbanimaonica” ”Izba” Cafe Gallery, Novi Sad;


”27th Republic Youth Exhibition of Photographs”  Banatski Brestovac;

“Everyone different – everyone equal” , “Ozon” Gallery,  Belgrade;

“The beauty of diversity”, Town Hall, Belgrade”;

“Diversities ” “Maržik”  Gallery, Kraljevo;

“Circle the environment”, MMC “Kvart”,  Kraljevo;

“I want to… “, Street Art Festival, Kraljevo;


” Periphery”, Culture Centre “Ribnica”, Kraljevo;

” Periphery”, “Mart” museum, Rovereto, Italy;


“My dreams”, “Maržik” Gallery, Kraljevo.



Art workshops, Seminars, Art Colonies:


“Evil doesn’t sleep”, participation in the project “Never finished drawings”, “Šok Zadruga” Gallery, MMC “Led Art”, Novi Sad;


“Recognition 3”, residence program for curators and artists, Niš i Sićevo;

“Pannonia art path”, IPA project, Lend art, Zlatne Grede (Croatia), Apatin and Bač (Serbia);


“Street Balkan Fest”, art colony, Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina;


“Serate Illuminate PAC 180” (Illumination night), mural workshop, Livorno, Italy;


“Izbanimaonica”, animated film wokshop, “Izba” Gallery, Novi Sad;

,,Exit Europe”, conference on cultural policies in The Balkans, Zagreb, Croatia;


Art Colony in Rudno, Serbia;

 2006 and 2004

Art colony in Kovačica, Serbia.


Awards and Appraisals:


Awarded at the competition for production of works of modern art, “Izba” Cafe Gallery, Novi Sad;

First award for the painting “Horseman” from the series of work ,”Reverse – of people” at the Arts competition ” I know my limits. That’s why I go on.” at the French institute in Serbia, Novi Sad ;


Second award for the painting from the series of works ”Reverse – of people” at the 14th November visual arts Salon, City Gallery, Kraljevo;


First place for the series of paintings at 3th annual youth exhibition, Cultural Center “Ribnica”, Kraljevo;

Award from The University of Novi Sad for the high accomplishments in the area of arts for the year  2012/2013;


Commendation in  photography at the competition “Life is beautiful”, “Principij” Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia;

“Perspektive11”, chosen as one of 12 up and coming young authors, “Art klinika” Gallery, MMC






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