Of Things



Of Things – drawing installation. After it disappears, which is what most often happens, the modern utility object becomes a silhouette, part of a memory. Before even the memory of the objects we use disappears completely, the objects which may not even exit as such in the future, I want to, even for a short while, leave some sort of trace of these objects, a record, with my drawings. Poetics of these object’s silhouettes is what I’m tackling in this drawing installation. As a matter of fact, Of Things is mostly an homage to anonymous and intertwined human cooperation, which is behind the existence of things.


This exhibition has had an official closing instead of opening, during which visitors were able to see the reproduction process which lasted several days, in the form of drawings on the gallery wall (with affiliation to cave paintings), the drawings of all the objects omnipresent in our consumer everyday life.

Period working on the drawing installation: 28th September – 6th October 2016.

Date of the official closing of the exhibition: Thursday, 6th October 2016.