Pain is black




Milica Dukić belongs to the generation of young artists who inputs specific attitude in texture and interpretation of work. During her studies Milica has proven herself with her exceptional engagement as a hardworking, responsible and talented student, with her activities within the Academy program, as well as with her intensive independent work. During the graduate studies she shows exceptional character in her drawings and painting with a dominant analytic message interpreted and presented motives. In the works she brings in poetic of artistic expression using motives from her personal life and surroundings, starting with everyday and intimate expressions. The author strives to stimulate a dialogue and experience through an expression shown in a gesture and direct relations. Using art elements she with sensiblity describes a general social context in which we live. It should be noted that the author also had a series of successfully realized works in various art disciplines: video, installation, photographies, interventions, etc.

Milica Dukić has shown a high level of maturity in approach to the art practices and openness to new artistic learning and experiences through different media skillfully used combining into her art work, as well as with her activity and engagement in various projects and organisations from civil sector. This open-minded approach enables her to constantly perfect herself and her work by experimenting and researching. This has resulted in a very prolific production of characteristic pieces, which the author has shown in multiple stand-alone and group exhibitions and projects in the country and abroad.

Goran Despotovski, professor at Academy of Fine Arts Novi Sad, for the exhibition Pain it black

(January 2014)