Reverse – Of People



Reverse – Of People 
Milica Dukić is a young artist, who uses an experiment in her work process with abundance of creative subtlety, in advance counting on risk and unpredictability. Intervening with a knitting technique, using a digital print or a painted surface as a base, she has discovered that the ‘disorder’ from the back side possesses the expressiveness and the qualities which are close to her sensibility and her understanding of creative process and art in general, as something which needs to move or, even, rely on the instinctive. As a result of further experiments with embroidery, with the primary focus on the back side of a painting/print, and abandoning all control in the creative process, series of works titled Reverse – of People were created,  whose philosophical and psychological assumptions are most accurately determined by the term of inversion. As the artist herself says: Reversing, revolving of the order, direction or system order correlate with the reverse.In the series of works Reverse – of People my tendency to overcome intent and to rest solely on what’s instinctive, impulsive is manifested.
Stitching through the canvas using threads of different colors, thickness and structure, which potentiates the expression of the material itself , concepts on the border with abstract expression are created on the back side. According to the artist “the entire series is characterized by new values: a line fabricated with a colored thread, almost randomly selected, is broken, long, short, curved, loose, tight, straight, dotted, knotted. Parts of the thread intertwine, end, are bound in knots or loosely hung. Netting appears, some forms of secretive, linear, subtle connections that speak of mutual relationship, interconnection… ”
Works in the series Reverse – Of People have a conspicuous introspective quality. In her further statements, from which these citations are being quoted from, Milica Dukić herself says: “Throughout the entire opus of my work, exploration of my personal inner world permeates. Display of my view of the environment. Personal in form and function of the universal. The reverse is the most basic and spontaneous way in which I’ve had the opportunity to express myself so far. It is exactly what I’ve strived for. Simplicity and minimalism. Producing one idea and focusing on the it’s reverse I’ve reached the molded form of the similar intent. The reverse is a reflection of my inwardness transposed in the object it shows. My reality is mirrored in the eye of the beholder.
Julka Marinković, art historian, museum consultant Art Gallery “Nadezda Petrovic” in Cacak, Serbia
(June 2016)