Photography as a result of mistake





Photography as a result of mistake (2008/2015.) There is an error in the basis of each creative act. Either an error or disconnection from expected system. Is not each being, on this level of development, a product of string of errors which turned out to be a creative response to cruel conditions of survival in the world? As dissonant drops in music which provoke different and deeper excitement, they open up the world of truth in all its abundance and polyvalence.
A seemingly banal error in the sensor of a device will present a challenge and provocation to an artist, an invitation to penetrate the atmosphere of a different point of view, more often more exciting and closer to personal sensibility of the artist than when everything is structured and functioning by the given rules.
Milica Dukić with full conciousness explores the procedures and product of an error in the encounter with well-known and conquered surroundings of street area. Such an ambient, which has been participating for years spontaneusly in structuring of her indentity, this time is the subject of her research procedure ”with an error” in the vision and a completely new atmosphere. We now stand witnesses to the birth of another, different semantic leyer, as well as to the expression of realitions which are not as benigly neutral as they used to be.
The world is layered and burdened by truth, seemingly incaccessible, expect when we are ready to step out of the trodden path and look for both new and differrent visions on distant terrains. Milica Dukic is an artist who cherishes both childish curiosity and readines for such challenges.

Ljubiša Simović, art historian, museum adviser to theNational Museum in Kraljevo (December 2015)